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A series of workshops forms the first phase of A New Italian Political Cinema?  Each workshop will be chaired by several facilitators including migrant workers, trade unionists, political activists, and academics; we are in the process of finalizing their participation. Attendance at the workshops is free, although pre-registration will be necessary by contacting the project co-ordinator, William Hope (  People interested in attending the Adelaide workshop can, alternatively, contact Luciana d’Arcangeli at Flinders University: 

Participation at one of the workshops should be considered a prerequisite for involvement in the project’s subsequent stages. Workshop places are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis, with priority being given to participants intending to give a short presentation. Some financial assistance for travel expenses will be available to postgraduates, the unemployed, and to those facing financial hardship. Priority will be given to participants who have workshop presentation proposals approved.

The timeframe covered by the project is Italian cinema from the early 1990s to the present day, with a particular emphasis on new millennium films. Workshop participants are invited to prepare a brief, ten minute presentation on one or two key films from this period, a presentation that will form the basis for group discussion. Indicative topics for discussion include (but are by no means limited to):

The commodification and privatization of Italy’s landscapes and resources as depicted on screen

Cinematic representations of economic migrants and asylum seekers in Italy

Cinema and the workplace; capital, labour, precariato, workplace fatalities

Filmic representations of institutional oppression and/or political extremism in Italy

Italy’s political past revisited on screen

Cinematic representations of socio-economic alienation and marginalization

Screen explorations of gender and sexuality

New age antiheroes; film characters as embodiments of capitalist values

Italian cinematic perspectives regarding the effects of capitalism in an international context

The depoliticization of Italian cinema and society

The production and distribution difficulties facing “political” film-makers

Interested parties should contact the project co-ordinator, William Hope (, with the following information, which will then be circulated to other institutions involved in organizing the project:


Institution (and position)/Profession:

Email contact address:

Preferred Workshop: If you are available to attend more than one workshop, then please add “1st choice” and “2nd choice” next to the appropriate venue below. The organizers would welcome such flexibility where possible, as it will assist them in theming particular workshops.

London (27/11/2010)

Adelaide (29/04/2011)

Cremona (09/07/2011)

Workshop presentation

Film(s)/director to be discussed:

Brief theoretical orientation of presentation (150 words max.):

Please copy and paste the above information into an email and send it to: 

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