New volume: Biopolitics and Social Change in Italy: From Gramsci to Pasolini to Negri, by Andrea Righi

Andrea Righi, one of the participants in this project, has just published the following volume:



The study of how life can be controlled, supported, and manipulated has become the most urgent scientific and political task of our society. Each discipline approaches this biopolitical dimension with its tools and agenda; however they ignore how labor over time has materially produced crucial transformations in the manipulation of life. By placing the social dimension of labor at the base of the discourse of life, this book engages with the work of key intellectual figures including Gramsci, Pasolini, the neo-feminist militants of Lotta Femminista, Negri, and Virno, and reconstructs a critical genealogy of the notion of biopolitics from the point of view of twentieth and twenty-first century Italy.

“Andrea Righi offers a compelling, energetic mapping of the vicissitudes of biopolitics in the work of Italian philosophers from Antonio Gramsci to Antonio Negri. He provides a critique of modern political theory and its application that need not be viewed in restrictive terms as valid only for contemporary Italy. Written with appealing brio and evident pedagogical lucidity, this book easily could be used in any graduate seminar or advanced undergraduate class on modern and contemporary Italian history, philosophy, political thought, or anthropology. In addition, it could be made a stimulating focus of any course on Marxism, post-Marxism, globalization, ecology, biopolitics, or contemporary women’s studies.”–Alessia Ricciardi, associate professor, department of French and Italian and program in Comparative Literature, Northwestern University.
Further details of the volume can be found here:

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